• Inspirational Speaker | The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Soul
    Inspirational Quote: Love has no limits, thus it has no end.-Robert Clancy
  • Motivational Speaker | The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Soul
    Inspirational Quote: Hope is created in the light of every smile you gracefully paint on another's lips.-Robert Clancy
  • Robert Clancy | Author | Motivational Speaker | The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Soul
    Inspirational Quote: Little acts of kindness mat not seem like much, but they mean everything.-Robert Clancy
  • Robert Clancy | Author | Inspirational Speaker | The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Soul
    Inspirational Quote: We are all links in an enless chain of love. Never be the weakest link in this chain.-Robert Clancy

Inspirational Speaker

Robert’s compelling speaking engagements and learning seminars are now available for your company, school or non-profit organization!

In his signature keynote speech, “Scenic Views of Compassion,” Robert uses inspirational stories and spiritual highlights from his acclaimed new book, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Soul.

Experience how volunteerism and compassion can bring deeper meaning to your life, enhance your leadership and enlighten your soul!

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Uplifting Books

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Soul | Author Robert Clancy

Inspirational stories and uplifting thoughts to enlighten your soul and nourish your heart. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Soul book series will transform the way you think about community service while bringing deeper meaning in your everyday life and your career path.

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Featured Video

L.O.V.E.: A volunteer’s awakening though a chance encounter with a kindred spirit. The first in a short series of inspirational videos produced by Robert Clancy.

“Paying it forward is an expense we all can afford to live with and one humanity can't afford to live without.”—Robert Clancy


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  • Memorable Gifts
  • Inspirational Art
  • Soul Strings

Send a hand-tailored gift that’s memorable, empowering and designed to inspire!

Including books, art canvases, t-shirts, bracelets and more, these unique corporate gifts are based on the acclaimed Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Soul collection of spiritual stories — lessons in compassion and volunteerism to enlighten the soul. Whether motivating your team, thanking a current client for business, or connecting with a prospective client in a powerful way, our inspirational gift baskets will leave a lasting impression.

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It's impossible to love too much | Inspirational Quote | Robert Clancy

Inspirational Art Canvases

Looking for the perfect gift to motivate, support or say thank you? These inspirational art canvases are designed to make a difference. Perfect for wall or desk display, each canvas art piece measures 8in. x 8in. and includes a wrapped frame with wall hanging clips.

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Soul String | Inspirational Jewelry | Wrist Bands

Wearable Inspiration

Soul Strings are available in limited quantities. Choose from nine inspirational designs: Love, Compassion, Giving, Perseverance, Shine, Beauty, Kindness, Smile and Superhero. For order information, please conatct Gina Brittain at (518) 326-1135 x22.

  • “Love doesn’t grow on trees; it grows in the hearts of everyone you’ve lent a helping hand to.” - Robert Clancy -
  • “Your mission in life is not to seek love, but rather to strengthen your connection to it.”- Robert Clancy -
  • “Imagine what you would gain if you lost all of your fear and doubt.”Robert Clancy
  • “God's grace is a shelter against any storm of the heart.
    Your soul is always covered in Divine love by an angel's wing.”- Robert Clancy -
  • “You may think your soul is just a tiny part of the love in the universe,
    but your soul is actually the universe of all love.”- Robert Clancy -